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My Story...

"As a young and energetic business owner, I have a unique perspective on how to move forward with the future of politics.  I have a passion for conservative values and creating a better future for everyone."


"My campaign is focused on building a bridge between the government and the citizens it is to serve.  I am confident that I have the knowledge and enthusiasm to win this election and make a real difference in our political landscape.  Join me in my mission to make a difference and join the movement for a brighter tomorrow."

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Meet Vince

Originally from Baltimore, Vince was raised by his mother and now late-grandmother.  Vince attended private school and was involved in Toastmasters and played lacrosse. Since a young age, Vince knew he wanted to make a change and he has always had a passion for helping others. After finishing school, through hard work and perseverance, Vince rose to Vice-President of Marketing for a construction company serving the Baltimore area. 


And during that time, Vince saw how one-party rule destroyed the once thriving metropolis. In 2016, with an ambitious attitude, he chose to move to Pinellas County, above anywhere else in the United States.  Since then, Vince is a proud Florida Realtor and started his own real estate business in 2018. 

And Vince is not new to politics either. He has been engaged with local and national politics, actively working on state and local campaigns, and running for Mayor in St. Petersburg, before withdrawing from the race.  Since then, he has been a much-needed watchdog.


  • Vince uncovered Lisa Wheeler Bowman, former Chair of St. Petersburg City Council, was not living in her district and/or committed mortgage fraud, which led to her immediate resignation.

  • Vince filed an ethics complaint with the state against Mayor Welch for the improper hiring practices of not interviewing any applicants and hiring a family member whom never applied.

  • Vince led the charge against the Nation of Islam, while Bro. John Muhhomaded was being appointed to City Council, calling out John’s relationship with fanatical Louis Farrakhan and urging Council not to appoint.

  • Vince submitted a complaint to the IRS against Allendale United Methodist Church for their involvement in political campaigns and using the church to raise money for candidates.

Trust in government is at an all-time low.  Our County is rife with special interest groups, conflicts of interest, and actions taken without residents’ knowledge which are contrary to our interests.  We need someone who is not afraid to buck the status quo and challenge the entrenched bureaucrats and fight for the people. 

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